.: Honorable Minister, Ministry of Commerce :.

 Tofail Ahmed, MP
 Honourable Minister 
 Ministry of Commerce
 Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.   

A resourceful and well organized website is an effective tool for easy access to information, quick delivery of services and keeping client updated. It significantly contributes towards improving public service delivery and improves transparency & accountability of the government system. 

Considering the potential benefits of adopting digital device, the present democratic Government of Bangladesh under the visionary leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister SHEIKH HASINA, is putting all out efforts for developing a `Digital Bangladesh by 2021. That will enhance the performance of the public sector and ensure that the benefits reaching to the poorest of the poor. To support this noble initiative, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) of the Ministry of Commerce has recently redesigned and developed its website with a view to making it user friendly, informative and attractive. Having updated information on exportable products, potential export markets and ways and means of export diversification, it has now become an instrumental for boosting up country’s image to stakeholders both in home and abroad.  

I do believe that this website would contribute significantly towards enhancing trade and commerce and providing necessary information to the foreign importers and investors in Bangladesh. 

I wish all the success of this endeavor. 

                                                                                [Tofail Ahmed, M.P]


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