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TIC Services : 

  >  Computer services with online facilities.
  >  Wide range of magazines/periodicals/journals and books.
  Handout on “Trade Inquiry”. 
  > Instant answering system on trade queries.
  >  Provide Export related information.
  >  Product and country wise exporter & importer lists.
  >  Provide day-to-day service to the exporters.
  >  Export Directory Database.
  >  Scanned news clippings on Export trade.
  >  A wide range of CD/DVD collection.

TIC has two different types of services from which one visitor may have the access of basic information from its rich library or collect desired data/information from online services.

Library Services :
        TIC maintains a Commercial Library in which it preserves a large number of publications like books/journals/reports/periodicals. A total of 4920 publications including 104 international and national local & foreign journals/periodicals are kept in the TIC. A total of 50 books were purchased by this Centre during this year. Among these, UNCTAD Hand book of Statistics2008,The Global Economic Crisis, UN,Trade and development report, Economic Survey of Bangladesh,Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh 2007, Training Manual on WTO and BangladeshTrade Policy,Export policy 2006-09, Import Policy Order 2006-09   would be valuable ones for the clients. Besides TIC purchased 324 publications including journals/periodicals/reports/research papers as and when required during the year. TIC also received 105 nos. local and foreign journals during the year as complementary copy.

Library management Software:
From the rich library, visitor may identify his desired book using the Library Management Software (LMS). The LMS also make the task easy to serve the clients demand to identify the books. Since the LMS is web-based, visitors may use it to find out desired book through EPB website (www.epb.gov.bd).

In TIC the various kinds of books are:  Export Guide;Trade related Books; Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System 2007; Fair Reports;Trade directory- Importer & Exporter; Annual Reports; Market Survey Yellow Pages, Reports/Research Papers on Commodities; Statistics- 1. EPB Export Statistics, 2. Import Payments, 3. Exports Receipts, 4. Foreign Trade Statistics; International Publications: ITC, CBI, WTO, World Bank, Others; Europa World Year Book; Encyclopedia; Harmonized System Explanatory Notes UN Publications etc. 

The Trade Information Centre has classified its Journals into three parts: Local Journal:Spinners News,P.C.World Bangladesh; Computer Jogot; Shipping News; CPD Quarterly; BASIS News & View etc; Association/Products journal: BGMEA news letter, Knit Barta, pharma world, Shrimp & fish news, Hortex news letter etc; International Journal: News week, Time, The Economist, Infofish International etc Seafood International ; Other Journal: ACAB news, Midas news, Commerce & Industry etc.

Effective and systematic news clippings from national daily news papers:
TIC scanned 19 (nineteen) national dailies (13 Bangla & 6 English) for collection and preservation of export, trade and trade related news. The paper clippings are categorized according date/month/year wise in the following ways: 
     > Products wise scanned news 
     > International and regional organization news 
     > Statistical data. 
     > Market access news. 
     > Trade policy related news 
     > Important Notices related to Export.

Online Services:
After the refurbishment of TIC during 2007, various types of online services are become available for the visitors. 

Internet Corner:
Internet Corner provides electronic access to national and international trade information to members and non-members. Exporters, Businessmen, Journalists, Researchers, Teachers and Students are the regular users of this Corner.

Online Collections:  
    > Market survey of commodities on EU countries. 
    > Various statistical data. 
    > Country profile and trade news of different countries. 
    > Product news on major exportable products. 
    > Computerized information system on market, product & export procedures. 
    > Trade Statistics on exports and imports. 
    > Policy/Facility related news of national/international organizations 
    > Information on Preferential Trade Agreements   

CD/DVD Collections: TIC opened a separate collection of information preserved on CD/DVD. Visitor may use the resources using the computers in Internet Corner and can copy the CD/DVD for next use.

Trade Information on EPB website:
Visitors can also get information through visiting the Link Trade Information Centre on EPB website (www.epb.gov.bd). The information are categorized as: About TIC & Services, Internet Corner, Paper Clipping, Book Information Software, TIC Advertisement, Useful links, Feedback, Contact.   

Export Directory Database (EDD):
Export Directory Database on EPB website (www.epb.gov.bd) helps the importers and also at the end exporters to promote Bangladesh export earnings. The Interested exporters can apply with the selected application download from the site or collect from TIC physically. With that information and contact details, TIC will input these on database under a selected product catagory. 

ITC market analysis tools:
As a national partner of International Trade Centre (ITC) of WTO/UNCTAD, EPB’s TIC is responsible to build awareness among the stakeholders about five market analysis tools: Trade Map, Product Map, Market Access Map, Trade Investment Map and Trade Competitiveness Map. From January 2008, these tools became free for developing countries and TIC circulated all the related notice to its trade bodies. Simultaneously, TIC has stopped the Registration process with subscription charge from the same period after the announcement.

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